HOW TO: Tropical Summer Nails by Sushinails

I am absolutely thrilled to share with you my last post of the Guest Post collection for July. Here is a nail art tutorial meticulously prepared by my classmate, my good friend Shi Li over at @sushinails. She does many creative designs that are sure to suit anyone’s liking! Hope you guys enjoyed the Guest Post collection and enjoy this post as well-  Tropical Summer Nails. Kay xx


Hello to all the lovely Twentysixnails readers! I have never written a blog post on nails before and I am very excited to share with you about my nail passion.

Just a brief introduction about myself- I am Shi Li from @sushinails on Instagram. I am a nail art enthusiast like most of you and nail art is my obsession. You do not see a lot of swatches in my portfolio but I love to draw different kinds of nail art. It is easy to spot my creation on Instagram if you see this cutesy onigiri sushi watermark sitting at a corner of the picture. Today, I will share with you on how to create TROPICAL SUMMER NAILS. The nail design is inspired by Chelseaqueen but I gave a little twist to it.

You Will Need

1. White Polish

2. Dark Green and Light Green Polish (you may mix dark green and white polish to get light green polish if you don’t have any)

3. Bit of red, orange and yellow polishes

4. Black Polish or Acrylic paint

5. Dotting Tool

6. Fine Nail art Brush


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Step One

Apply 2 coats of white polish as the base colour. Using the dark green polish, draw a few curved strokes for the leaves.

Step Two

Using the same dark green polish, draw short strokes on one side of the leaf.

Step Three

Use light green polish to draw short strokes on the other side of the leaf to complete it.

Step Four

Draw a few sketchy hibiscus with bright red polish. This does not have to be perfect!

Step Five

Fill up the Hibiscus with yellow polish. Use black acrylic paint to add a few strokes and dots to the flowers, focusing in the center of the hibiscus.

Step Six

Finish with random dots of yellow polish, and paint a top coat to seal in your design.

Tropical Summer Nails, Summer nails, summer nail art tutorial, nail art tutorial, tropical nail art, tropical nail art tutorial Used: OPI My Vampire is BuffBourjois Paris 1 Seconde God Save the Green, Assorted polishes (The Face Shop)

It may seem complicated but it is achievable if you follow through the steps. Personally, I feel that the difficulty level is intermediate, but don’t be afraid to take up this challenge! I hope the pictorial helps you to visualize better and have fun creating your own Tropical Summer Nails. Thanks Kay for giving me this opportunity to share my nail passion with you! <3

If you do recreate this design, be sure to tag @sushinails and @twentysixnails for us to view your look! — Kay