OPI Sheer Tints featuring Bornprettystore QA66 Stamping Plate

Woooohoo! OPI did a very nice surprise launching OPI Sheer Tints, catching on the jelly polishes wave. These sheer tints are tinted jelly top coats that can be used to layer over a particular colour of polish, or used for nail art. Initially I was reluctant to get myself these sheer tints, because I felt that the watercolour effect I have been seeing across the nail art community can be achieved using acrylic paint. However, they looked much more colourful, so I decided to get a set of OPI Sheer Tints minis to try them out. In this post I will do a OPI Sheer Tints review, and show you what nail art I did with the polishes.

OPI sheer tints minis, opi sheer tints review

From Left- Right

I am Amberrassed- Orange in the bottle, but is in fact yellow.

Be Magentale With Me- Magenta pink in the bottle, but is a baby pink.

I Can Teal You Like Me- Dark blue in the bottle and it’s slightly lighter when layered over white.

Don’t Violet Me Down- Dark purple in the bottle, but similarly lighter when layered over white.

I tried doing watercolour nails using sponging technique instead of painting onto my nails straight. However, the sheer tints are incredibly gooey so I had to thin them down before usage.

Paddlepop nails, watercolour nails, rainbow nails, opi sheer tints, opi sheer tints review

After doing so, I felt that it was a bit plain and I googled to search for more ideas. I saw some designs with white stamping which looked so pretty! I had to give it a go.

I am very new to stamping, but I find that stamping plates provide a wide variety of designs that could be easily transferred onto your nail with little effort if you’re skilled. I finally got my hands on some stamping plates with bigger designs, as I only had cartoonish Konad stamping plates which my mom bought for my sister and I when we were very young. Other than Konad, Bornprettystore also sells stamping plates at extremely affordable prices!

I did up a video tutorial here on my Instagram, but I suggest you watch the video on YouTube because it’s slower and more detailed. I had to skip some steps on my Instagram video to fit into 15seconds.

Note: Please press the gear icon and click 480p for best quality! I filmed this with my iPhone 5, which is pretty decent aye!!!! Edited with iMovie.

Paddlepop nails, watercolour nails, rainbow nails, opi sheer tints, opi sheer tints review

Here’s the final look!

Products used:

Materials used:
Base Coat- OPI Natural Base Coat http://amzn.com/B004220C6E
White Polish- OPI Alpine Snow http://amzn.com/B0002Z8NJS
Paddlepop- OPI Sheer Tints Minis http://amzn.com/B00IKTU2XS
Sponge- Dishwashing Sponge http://amzn.com/B002YLX6PO
Top Coat- G&G HK Girl Top Coat http://bit.ly/HK-Girl-Top-Coat
Stamping Plate- QA66 from Bornprettystore http://bit.ly/QA66-Plate
Scraper and Stamper- Konad http://bit.ly/1iZ4E8J

The QA66 stamping plate from Bornprettystore is very good to use! I had no problems with the stamping and transferring of design :)


I hope you guys like the tutorial. I will be spending more time doing videos because I quite enjoy making them. Take care and see you guys!