Nail Inspiration – Bohemian Nails

Inspiration - Bohemian Luxe

Chic Fashion Earrings from Salt Korea

Aviator Flash Lenses from Ray Ban

Black Velvet Platform Chunky Sandals from River Island

PU Applique Mesh Yoke Shift Dress from Zalora

Browsing through Zalora’s page on Bohemian Luxe and though of creating something inspired! I really fancy the earrings because they consist of so many small jewels that could make an outfit sparkle – especially a black dress like the one on the right.

When I think of bohemian, I think of dreamcatchers, gold tattoos and tanned bronze skin. Hence, I did up a set of nail art with black as my base, with a metallic shade to illustrate the details.

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Here is the completed look! I used Etude House Trendy Nail black as my base, and then OPI Designer … De Better! which is a champagne metallic colour. With a small detailing brush, I doodled on the black nails. I was surprised how well they contrasted!

On my ring finger I added a fox nail charm with 4 small silver round studs so that the fox does not look too lonely!

Hope you guys like this! ;)