HOW TO: Flowers Nail Art by Themanicuredmissy

Today I introduce my next guest post, from Zenna over at TheManicuredMissy on Instagram for a cute flowers nail art design that you may want to try! I think it is really adorable and a cute twist to the usual floral look. Enjoy!
Kay xx

Hello everyone! I’m Zenna from @themanicuredmissy on Instagram, just another girl who is also addicted to nail art! I love manicures that have freehanded details more than repeated pattern nail art. I do new nail art looks every week on my own Instagram.
I did this mani because I wanted to try out a different kind of floral look. This is a bright & cheery design, I hope you like it!

You Will Need

  1. White Polish
  2. Blue Polish (Any shades you like)
  3. Green Polish
  4. Black striper/Black polish
  5. Coral Polish
  6. Yellow Polish
  7. Purple Polish
  8. Cotton Bud (Q-tip)
  9. Fine Nail Art Brush


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Step One

Paint 2 coats of white as your base colour on all of your fingers.

Step Two

Using a Q-tip, dab blue polishes on the area of your nail closest to the cuticle. I did two coats of the dabbing for a stronger colour, representing the sky. You may also use the handy sponge for this!

Step Three

Using a black striper or a nail art brush, draw 3 lines down to the tip of your nails. I did it in different lengths to represent three different stalks. Next, using a nail art brush, outline and fill in the area to represent the grass with green polish.

Step Four

It’s time to draw the flowers. For the flowers, you can use whichever colour combination you like. Use a nail art brush to draw out the flower in a circular shape. You may also use a dotting tool for this. Then, use white polish to outline the petals of the flower.

Step Five

Apply top coat and you’re done!


Here is the end product of the manicure.

Hope you like this look! Thank you Kay for giving me the opportunity to write a nail art tutorial on your blog. If you do recreate this Flowers Nail Art, please tag us @themanicuredmissy and @twentysixnails on Instagram to show your look!