DIY: Peel-off Glue Base Coat

You know those times when you are trying to remove glitter polishes and it just takes a whole lot of time? Awhile ago I have posted about a glitter removal technique using the foil method, but sometimes you prefer doing away with the whole method completely. So here’s how you can remove glitter polishes very easily, by using a Peel-off Glue Base Coat that you can DIY yourself.

DIY Peel off base coat, peel off base coat, glue base coat

Materials you need

1. An empty polish bottle

2. PVA white glue

3. A small funnel (optional)- if your bottle is big enough it should be fine. However, my experience without a funnel has been horrid… read on to find out more.

DIY Peel off base coat, peel off base coat, glue base coat

Steps Involved

What I did was the following but I found out another method is better. Let me describe my method first and the problems I encountered.

Step One

Without the funnel, I tried to squeeze the glue directly into the bottle. FAIL! Major fail. DO NOT DO THAT! Add a funnel.

Step Two

Add white glue till about half of the bottle, and stop. ANOTHER FAIL! What happened here was that the white glue kept getting stuck to the funnel and unable to flow down to the bottle due to its viscosity and stickiness.

Step Three

Finally after getting the glue in, I added water and shook the bottle real hard to mix the water in. Voila, you’re done!


I realised the better way to get the glue into the bottleĀ is to mix the glue and water in wide bottle (eg. spray bottle) or a bowl, and then pour it into the bottle using the funnel. This can make the glue less sticky first and more fluid to be able to flow into the bottle.

DIY Peel off base coat, peel off base coat, glue base coat

Tadah! You now have a glue base coat. My experience with it has been so-so though, my glitter didn’t pop off but it was easier to “peel” them off and somehow using a remover to remove the glitter makes it easier, perhaps it helps to dissolve the glue base coat and thus disintegrating the hardcore glitter polish!

Other uses for the glue coat

You can use the glue coat around your cuticles before you do sponging for gradient nails or stamping, so you can easily peel it off or wash off!