Depend Cosmetics 3-Step Nail Care & Nail Care Tips

Depend Cosmetics Nail Care - main

Nail care is extremely important to our nails – so I think I actually take care of my nails more diligently than painting them! I have a favourite nail oil – the CND Solar Oil but it has ran out for quite a while and my cuticles are in a horrible state.

Awhile ago I blogged about the Depend Cosmetic Gel Polish, and this time I am going to introduce their 3-Step Nail Care you guys! Every day we wash our hands umpteen times, use our hands to do a whole lot of work, and they do get tired. Our cuticles are very vulnerable to dryness from air-conditioning and detergents, so they tend to flake or dry out very easily. Adequate moisture is important.

When it comes to cleaning the cuticles, we have to start off with STEP 1, CLEANSING.

Depend Cosmetics Nail Care - Cuticle Cleanser

The Depend Nail & Cuticle cleanser comes in a transparent liquid with blue microbeads to help with exfoliation.

Depend Cosmetics Nail Care - Cuticle Cleanser 2

Apply it to your nails, let it soak in for a couple of minutes (suggested 4 minutes), and use a small brush to gently massage your cuticles. You can use a spare toothbrush or one that is about to be thrown away. I currently am using a nail brush from Daiso. :) Please be gentle with this step as our cuticles are tender.

After which, rinse off with warm water. Caution not to leave this on for more than 5 minutes!

Exfoliation is important to remove the dead skin and smoothen the nail plate. By doing so, it gives us optimal application of polish.

Do only use this 1-2 times a week, as this step is not a daily routine.


Depend Cosmetics Nail Care - Myrrh Oil

The Myrrh Oil has a light citrus smell which is great! Don’t belittle this little man, it contains Almond Oil and Vitamin E for extra oomph in taking care of your cuticles. Almond oil keeps the nail hydrated and helps you avoid peeling & breaking! Vitamin E is known to help with nail growth – so this is plus for your nails.

The oil is absorbed very quickly into the nail and does not feel greasy, which I really really like.

Depend Cosmetics Nail Care - Myrrh Oil 2

Remember to massage the oil in to ensure the oil gets to the sides of the nail for optimal absorption!

You can apply the Myrrh oil 2-3 times a day depending on your cuticles. Personally, I like to apply cuticle oil at least 3 times a day.


Depend Cosmetics Nail Care - Cuticle Cream 1

This one is rather new to me because I usually go for just Step 1 & 2. This final step helps to soften and moisturise the cuticles again , with additional nutrients like aloe vera, allantoin and Vitamin E (yay!). Allantoin is anti-inflammatory, while aloe vera soothes cracked skin / cuticle and helps with repair of the damaged skin.

This smells AMAZING! It reminded me of Shea Butter. <3

Depend Cosmetics Nail Care - Cuticle Cream 2

It feels very light and was absorbed fairly quickly into the nails too! Absolutely love it.

You can apply this at night before you sleep. :)


I think this is worth a buy, but to judge whether it works for you, why not grab a set and see if it works for you?

In my opinion, packaging wise, I like how the myrrh oil and the cuticle cream are small sized. Small sized means you can throw it into your handbag and bring it everywhere you go. You can apply it while in the MRT, or while taking a 5 mins break from your computer at work.

Price wise, I think it is also very reasonable. The Cuticle Cleanser retails at $6.90 for 8ml, Myrrh Oil $7.90 for 8ml, and Cuticle Cream $6.90 for 10ml.

If you are keen on the Depend Cosmetic 3-Step Nail Care set, you can get it EXCLUSIVELY at Watsons Suntec, Nex, Bugis Junction and Vivocity. Alternatively, you can visit their online site at

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