Crafts and Polishes Haul from Sydney

Hi!! Sorry this took a realllly long time :) This blog post has a bit of everything- nail polishes, hand creams and some crafts and accessories ;-) So here we go!!

nail polishes, polishes haul, polish haul, sydney, glitter

During my trip, I was hoping i could find some cheap nail polishes in local beauty stores and maybe cheaper nail polishes for boxing day sales! Indeed, I did find some cheap(er) polishes but some worked out to about $8 SGD which is about the price of a China Glaze bottle.

ulta nail polish, ulta, blue glitter

ulta nail polish, blue glitter

It was only AUD$2 so i just grabbed a bottle at some beauty store in market city. I think they sell it at $2 in most beauty stores as well. Anyway, I did try this glitter and as much as it looks dense, it’s actually rather sparse! Not that I mind though, I like most glitter polishes unless they’re clumpy :)

sally hansen, the real teal, nail polish

This was selling at AUD$4 at the same store mentioned above :) It’s 480 The Real Teal by Sally Hansen. It has a little bit of shimmer in it which makes it stand out. The colour is bold and you can do with 2 coats for a vivid shade.

nail it, nail polish, purple glitter, sportsgirl

I saw this retailing at AUD$5 at a Sportgirl outlet during Boxing Day, but there was only the tester left :/ Of course, I did not buy any. When we visited another outlet, I saw this polish and I knew I HAD to get it! I’m crazy over purple so you know, this was a NEED (excuses….). Sportsgirl has a variety of nail polishes and nail art pens! I was so tempted to buy this set of nail art pens with rhinestones, but they cost AUD$12 so it was a pass for me.

purple nail polish, glitter, purple glitter, nail it, sportsgirl

Packed with glitter! Yay!

saavy nail polishes, nail polish, glitter nail polish, purple glitter, silver glitter

Got these two polishes at Priceline I think :) Retailing at AUD$2.99 each.

saavy nail polish, silver glitter, frostbite

Frostbite! The silver glitter is really dense, and it’s packed with some teal glitter. Love it!

saavy nail polishes, purple viking, purple glitter

Purple Viking. I haven’t tried this yet, maybe next time. Will layer this over a dark polish so that the glitter will stand out, or layer over a purple for a little sparkle!

Tried googling but there aren’t much information on this line of nail polishes, so I don’t quite think they are B3F. The bottles do not list that they are either.

Next up, Jordana Glitters!

nail polishes, glitter polish, glitter nails, jordana nail polish

When I saw this as Cosmocosmetics I was blown away. Beautiful glitter polishes! They cost about AUD7-8 dollars I think.

jordana polish, glitter nail polish, blue glitter

Sorry this is a little blur! This is Outer Space. It has fine blue glitter with gold and pink hexagonal glitters. The colours of the glitters work really well together. Perfect. One downside is that the glitter pieces are quite sparse during application, so you need to paint over a few times to get more of it.

jordana nail polish, blue glitter, purple glitter, nail polish

Next up, LA City Nights. I really love the name! I haven’t got to try the nail polish yet but looking at Google Images I’m sure this is a real stunner over purple/ blue base.

crafts haul, sydney trip, scrapbooking

scrapbooking, glitter tapes, tapes, ribbons, stickers, bears

Crafts haul :-) I got all these at AUD$6.65! Yes you read that right :D The christmas stickers and glitter tapes were AUD$0.49 each how cheap is that?! Ribbon tapes were AUD$0.99, while the little pack of bears at the bottom cost AUD$0.79. We got them at a store named Art & Craft Riot! in Chatswood.

ribbons, glitter ribbons, christmas, tapes

scrapbooking, 2013, journaling, glitter, ribbons

Tried it on my new journal for the year! Took this with my iphone because it’s so much more convenient :P

glitter tape, sticker tape, glitter

Glitter tapes!

stickers, snowflakes, scrapbook, glitter

I thought these snowflakes stickers were hard but actually they’re like foam, soft and easy for application on a journal.

hand creams, twentysixnails

hand creams, cath kidston, heathcote and ivory, nivea, minerals, the body shop, moisturizer for hands

So I think i went on a handcream frenzy :O Excluding the body shop Cranberry hand cream (the red bottle), the rest were purchased in Australia. All of them are hand creams except the Nivea one, which can be used for face, hands and body. I’m not sure if the Nivea moisturiser is sold in Singapore but it IS MY SAVIOUR! Great moisturiser, smells good and works very well :) The Cath Kidston hand lotion smells really nice so I bought it ^^ It says 10 bucks but I think there was a further reduction to about AUD$7.50. The mineral flowers one smells of Rose, and the Enchanted one smells powdery :) The front ones are mini bottles by Heathcote and Ivory! It was sold at 3 for AUD$5, but further discount to about $4. Love their packaging so much because they are really pretty and floral!

accessories, twentysixnails

accessories, ear studs, lovisa, diva, swarovski, leopard prints, tribal prints, reindeer

Yay! Ear studs are all from Lovisa, which is something like a Diva shop, but it has way more outlets in Australia than Diva :-) The iphone cover is from Diva though. I like the Swarovski Crystal ones because they’re especially shiny *.*

iphone covers, glitter nail polish, bracelet, leopard print iphone cover, pink iphone cover

Some other stuff + the glitter polishes mentioned in this post. The pink & chevron iphone cover is from Sportsgirl :) Around AUD$7-8 I think. The bracelet is from TEMT, a really nice apparel shop! ^^

Wow yup that’s the end :) This is a realllly long post phew! Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post.

Have a great day ahead! TGIF :) Reminds me of Monday which is coming really soon :( I don’t want to go back to school!!!

Kay x

  • Everything looks amazing and so pretty! Jealous :)

    • Kay

      They are! And don’t be! :) If you travel there do remember to get some of those jordana glitters ;)