Ciate Main Stage Swatch

December is coming soon and I swear I’ll always be procrastinating on my blog. My friends got me Ciate Advent Calendar for my birthday last year, which I blogged about. Almost a year later I hardly swatched any of them, so I decided that I should.. Here’s Ciate Main Stage Swatch.

I did a quick swatch because my nails are in horrible stage so I’m so conscious of my nails now! Can’t wait for them to grow out healthy, long and strong.

Ciate Main Stage, Ciate Main Stage Swatch, Ciate Mini

Two coats of Main Stage

Main Stage is a bright magenta that is such a flattering colour. It is not too “in-your-face” kind of bright pink, but it leans more towards a more rosy and classic shade. I really like this shade on my nails.

Ciate polishes are of really good application. This shade is very smooth to apply, and was opaque in two shades as seen above. It dried fairly quickly as well.