A Step to Beauty

I have been thinking a long time to have a category like “Personal” or “Beauty” to my blog so that I have more content to blog about since I do not do my nails so often these days!

I went ahead with Beauty instead since I do have quite a few platforms whereby I micro-blog or talk about my daily life like my Dayre, Twitter and private tumblr blog… so I guess I’m done talking about myself!

So here’s a new category “Beauty” – I probably will have shitty quality pics taken with my iPhone because I’m such a lazy person, but that’s how it all starts right? :D

I just got myself some organic shampoo, cleanser and a real techniques makeup sponge from iHerb.com, and should reach me in 2 weeks! Good luck to me in receiving these items, and once I have tried them out, I will blog about them!

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Today I began watching My Mad Fat Diary and I’m crying SO HARD, it’s hilarious! It’s really good.

It’s Monday tomorrow and so good night!